Atlas Mountains Hotels near Marrakech with Restaurant and Pool Ouirgane: Guest House and Rooms in the High Atlas Mountains, for Lunches, Pool, Pizza, Hammam.

Atlas Mountains Hotels restaurant with pool to Ouirgane Guests House Asni:

Hotels in the Atlas Mountains with restaurant Ouirgane, pool and Guests House and Hotel, Asni


Hosting to Marigha, of type hotels with restaurant Ouirgane with pool, to Douar Marigha, Berber village located between Ouirgane in Morocco and Asni, On the edge of the Mount Toubkal, nearby Asni, on the road between Marrakesh and Taroudant via the pass Tizi n'Test which crosses the High Atlas Morocco Hotels towards Taroudant, our hotel restaurant Ouirgane welcomes families for holidays in Marrakesh, Marigha in the heart of the mountains of the High Atlas Morocco, at one hour by car of Marrakesh, region of Ouirgane. Rare are guests house to Ouirgane, valley of Asni, High Atlas Mountains Hotels which offer the comfort of an accommodation in a magnificent place of family holidays Marrakesh for stay at the High atlas Morocco in Hotels restaurant Ouirgane Morocco, region of Asni. This hotels with restaurant Marrakesh with pool by Morocco to Marigha near Asni, region of Ouirgane; his 9 guest houses in guests Ouirgane house with pizza oven which offer rooms with high comfort level guest this restaurant pool Marrakesh of the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains Hotels of this region of mountain of the High Atlas Morocco ( Ouirgane). The restaurant of our hotels with restaurant Ouirgane in Morocco invites quite holidays Marrakesh families at the High Atlas Mountains Hotels to enjoy to the restaurant pool Marrakesh of pizzas in the wood fire.

Guest' house for rooms in the mountains of the High Atlas Morocco:

This hotels restaurant Marrakesh with pool, at Marigha region of Ouirgane (High Atlas Morocco) High Atlas Mountains Hotels proposes to families on holidays in Marrakesh or Ouirgane, in High Atlas Mountains Hotels, 9 spacious and comfortable family guest houses for this guests house Mountains atlas Morocco of character. All rooms of this hotels restaurant pool Marrakesh in Morocco, situated to Marigha, towards Ouirgane and Asni, is unique. For the comfort of your family on holidays in Marrakesh and Ouirgane, our guest houses mountains High Atlas Morocco, nested in olive grove of Ouirgane High Atlas Mountains, this hotels restaurant to Ouirgane in the surrounds of Asni with pool and restaurant with pizza oven in the wood fire, have a privative terrace giving onto the pool with an incomparable view on High Atlas Mountains and Ouirgane near Asni, on the road of Tizi n'Test, at the edge of the mount Toubkal. Your hotel restaurant Ouirgane, quality accommodation, proposes guest houses of a high level of equipment with: air conditioned, privative bathroom. Guests house High Atlas Mountains Hotels restaurant Ouirgane for holidays in accommodation of type bed and breakfast Ouirgane or in hotels restaurant Morocco in the valley of Asni and Ouirgane

High Atlas Morocco: Mountains of Moroccan atlas

Mountains Atlas:

The High Atlas Morocco is a massif of mountain located in North Africa. He goes from the southwest to the northeast, by rising as one goes along, on three countries of the Maghreb: Tunisia, Algeria and finally Morocco.

In mountains High atlas Morocco we distinguish three parts (from west to east), the High Atlas Mountains, the Saharan Atlas and finally the Tellien Atlas

The Moroccan Atlas:

The Moroccan Atlas (Morocco), is divided into three zones: Anti-Atlas, Middle Atlas, and finally the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains morocco which peaks with the mount Toubkal in 4167 meters (called also the roof of the atlas Morocco).

The High Atlas Morocco:

The High Atlas Mountains western Morocco is the oldest part. This zone of the mountains of the High Atlas Morocco peaks with famous Jbel Toubkal in 4167 meters in height, that we can appreciate from Marrakesh. The National park of Toubkal was created in 1942 to protect an exceptional biodiversity and the natural resources of the massif of Toubkal, located in the heart of mountains atlas Morocco.

The Berbers: inhabitants of the mountains of the High Atlas Morocco:

The High Atlas Mountains Morocco is largely populated by the Berber who live in traditional villages with houses in earth, wood and stones, as Ouirgane, Asni, or Marigha or Imlil

Ouirgane, Asni, Marigha, Imlil are among the most attractive villages of the Moroccan High Atlas.


Ouirgane (Region of the High Atlas Morocco):

Ouirgane is a charming typical Berber village located in a magnificent valley, not far from Marigha in the High Atlas Mountains Morocco on the edges of a mountain lake High atlas Morocco. Numerous hikes or muleteer can be made From Ouirgane and from Marigha, on the edge of the High Atlas Mountains Morocco and allow to visit Berber villages trekking and to discover the inhabitants of the High Atlas Mountains Morocco walking. Several hotels restaurant pool Ouirgane proposes of charming guest houses in guests' house to Ouirgane who have a big pool with a view of High Atlas Mountains Morocco.

Asni (Province of the Al Haouz, Moroccan High Atlas):

Among the most authentic villages of this zone of mountains High Atlas Morocco, we find Ouirgane, Marigha but also Asni in High Atlas Mountains. Asni is a small village of the Moroccan High Atlas the essential activity of which is the culture of fruit trees. Every Saturday, Berber villagers of Asni (High Atlas Morocco) find themselves to Asni for the traditional souk of the week.

Asni is on the road which goes from Marrakesh to Taroudant via pass the of Tizi n'Test.

From Asni numerous travelers go to the beautiful valley of Imlil, starting point towards the mount Toubkal either continue to cross mountain High Atlas Morocco towards Ouirgane and Marigha.


The Olive groves of Marigha (High Atlas Morocco):

Small Douar of Marigha is located between Asni and Ouirgane in the middle of a wide secret valley of the High Atlas Morocco, crashed by olive tree hundred-year-old and restaurant pool hotels

The famous olives produced to Marigha offer a quality oil and represent a major sector of the activity of the Berber which live to Marigha, Berber native of the High Atlas Mountains.


The Toubkal Pick and Tizi n'test pass ( Moroccan High Atlas):

Near Ouirgane, Asni and Marigha, those who like the journeys and the nature will discover from their hotels restaurant Ouirgane or guests' house mountains Morocco, the flora and the unique fauna of the national park of Toubkal, wealth of this region of the mountain High Atlas Morocco.

The road which goes from Marrakesh to Taroudant, via Asni, Marigha and his olive trees and then Ouirgane, pass on the other side of the High Atlas Morocco by the famous pass of Tizi not test, discovering a unique view on the mountains of this region of the High Atlas Mountains.



High Atlas Morocco: Mountains of Moroccan atlas

Mountains Atlas:

The High Atlas Morocco is a massif of mountain located in North Africa. He goes from the southwest to the northeast, by rising as one goes along, on three countries of the Maghreb: Tunisia, Algeria and finally Morocco.

In mountain atlas Morocco we distinguish three parts (from west to east), the Moroccan atlas, the Saharan Atlas and finally the Tellien Atlas

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Saturday, 18 June 2016
Hotel, Restaurant and Pools situated in the High Atlas Mountains.Hotel accessible en fauteuil roulant

Just an hour from Marrakesh, set in the beautiful valleys of the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains, L’Oliveraie de Marigha invites you to relax, unwind and explore. It offers a change of scenery and stunning views within four hectares of gardens planted with olive trees, flowers and herbs.

Whether you are a nature lover, enjoy hiking, relaxation or adventure, the region around L’Oliveraie de Marigha is full of interesting places to explore, including; Marigha’s salt mines, Ouirgane Lake, the souks of Asni, Toubkal National Park and Tinmel Mosque.

We welcome you to stay in one of our 9 chalets/villas and our twin room where you can enjoy tranquility and comfort, good food and relaxation on the garden terraces and poolside. Day visitors are also welcome.

- 1 "Standard" Twin Room.
- 6 "Standard" Villas/chalets.
- 3 "Superior" Villas/chalets.

Swimming pools:
- Main pool: 200m2 incl paddling pool for children.
- Resident's Pool: 35m2, smaller pool reserved for hotel guests only.

Restaurant & Bar
- The "Paillotte" : Friendly bar located by the main pool.
- The Main Restaurant: Located near reception, seats 120, air-conditioned, large open fireplace.
- The poolside terrace: Adjacent to the main pool, seats 200.
- Communal Guest house: seats 26, air-conditioned dining room, fireplace, bar, TV room, library and games room.

Free Wifi is available at the poolside bar and in the guest house.

Spare Time
- Mini-golf (12 holes)
- Ping pong
- Boules

Disability access

handiRamps throughout the gardens provide easy access to all areas of the grounds.

L’Oliveraie de Marigha is an ancient farm growing more than 500 olive trees spread over an area of four hectares.
In April 2005, after two years of construction to become a more eco friendly establishment, L’Oliveraie de Marigha opened its doors, initially as just a restaurant and pool. The 200m2 pool was excavated by hand displacing only two olive trees in the making.

Following this, a second phase of construction took place enabling us to build nine new villas/chalets allowing our guests more time to stay and enjoy the peace and quiet.

To offer more privacy, we have a second pool which is exclusively reserved for hotel guests, along with a guest house which includes a dining room, tv room, private bar and a games room.

Today, L’Oliveraie de Marigha is also equipped with a mini-golf and a wood fired pizza oven.

Thanks to your loyalty, we are continuously developing and have more projects planned for the future.



Phone: +212 (0) 524 484 281 / Mobile: +212 (0) 661 310 482
Adress: Km59, Douar Marigha near Ouirgane - Taroudant's road by Asni
High Atlas Mountains - Marrakech Region - Morocco